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About us - Centre for Community Organising

published: 20.09.2009

Centrum pro komunitní práci (the Centre for Community Organising – CCO) is a non-profit non-governmental organization that provides information, advisory services and direct assistance to representatives of public administration, civic organisations and businesses in the following areas:

Citizen participation in local and regional development

CCO designs and implements public participation programmes in planning and decision-making.  For example programmes for citizen participation in planning and designing of public spaces, in housing estate revitalisations, in preparation of community development strategies or in investment planning. In 2008 CCO started to use the Future City Game (FCG) method as an instrument for creative community planning and informal learning for active citizenship. This method was developed by the British Council, CLES and URBIS within the Creative Cities project and after receiving a FCG licence, CCO is competent to lead FCG in the Czech Republic.

Local Economic and Community Development

CCO provides consultation services for preparation of local social and economic development projects adhering to sustainability principles. CCO prepares and updates local, micro-regional and regional development strategies; assists in preparation of local social and economic development projects and activities aimed at disadvantaged areas or groups of citizens; we facilitates Local Action Groups in the rural areas under the LEADER programme etc. We work in collaboration with local partners (public administration, businesses and NGOs), which enables us to tailor the projects to local conditions.

Social integration

We conduct analyses in the social field (need for social services, wheelchair-access to objects or areas etc.), provide both methodological support and realisation of the community plan of social services (creation, updating and evaluation of social services strategies). We offer methodological support and counselling for implementation of social services quality standards (quality standards in social services) and training for social services providers, contractors and users.

Regional Policy of the European Union and Regional Development of the Czech Republic

Within this program CCO implements activities promoting principles of partnership and transparent decision-making in the regional policy of the European Union. In the Czech Republic we encourage  active involvement of both the general public and NGOs in the preparation of projects using EU Structural Funds. CCO is actively involved in discussions about forms of regional policy, intermediates information for other non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic and prepares joint recommendations and strategies. We apply our experience from the Czech Republic to other “new” as well as “old” EU member countries.

Education & Training

CCO supports and educates members of civic and non-profit organizations VYNECHATand the public sector on all levels. CCO works with volunteers, conducts training seminars and designs comprehensive training programmes aimed to boost non-profit sector. We also encourage interdisciplinary meetings and collaboration between NGOs.


Centre for Community Organising West Bohemia
(Centrum pro komunitní práci západní Čechy - CpKP)
Americká 29, 301 38 Plzeň, Czech Republic

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Americká 29, 301 38 Plzeň

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